Johnny Concho

Johnny Concho

Johnny Concho is a 1956 American Western film directed by Don McGuire starring Frank Sinatra, Keenan Wynn, William Conrad and Phyllis Kirk. This was Sinatra's first Western and the role allowed him to play against type in his portrayal of the film's villain. This film was unsuccessful for Sinatra, but he made four films the previous year and in 1956 also had a hit in High Society with Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer, filmed in Panavision and color.


The mean and boastful Johnny Concho is also a coward, but the people of Cripple Creek, Arizona, let him have his way. They know that Johnny's brother, who doesn't live in town, is the notorious gunfighter Red Concho, someone they truly fear.

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    director Don McGuire
    editor Eda Warren
    genre western
    keywords card game general store kill want wed
    musicBy Nelson Riddle
    producer Henry W. Sanicola
    productionCompany Kent Productions
    publisher United Artists