My Bromance: The Series

My Bromance: The Series

My Bromance: The Series (Thai title: "My Bromance ", My Bromance: Phi Chai The Series) is a 2016 Thai LGBT drama produced by MCOT. This series features Chaiya Jirapirom and Patpasit Songkla. It was filmed primarily in Thailand.


Based on the successful movie, Golf's and Bank's homophobic father/stepfather, sends Bank to the US to study, while a devastated Golf stays in Bangkok, Thailand, after knowing their relationship. However 8 years later, Bank and Golf returns home from their respective trips (Bank was in Los Angeles working on a project as a researcher), and (Golf returns from a working trip in Pulau Weh, Indonesia as an experienced diver). Unbeknownst to Golf, is that Bank is attached to his overseas boyfriend (Jackson) of 2 years. Who will Bank choose, Golf, a lover/brother for more than 8 years or his soon to be husband (Jackson) of 2 years.