Journey to Spirit Island

Journey to Spirit Island is a 1988 U.S. Emmy Award-winning family adventure film directed by Lásló Pal, produced by Bruce Clark, with a screenplay by Crane Webster from a story by Lásló Pal and Crane Webster. "Journey to Spirit Island" stars Bettina Bush, Brandon Douglas and Marie Antoinette Rodgers. The cinematography is by the Oscar-winning Vilmos Zsigmond.


Two brothers Michael (Brandon Douglas) and Willie (Gabriel Damon) are on vacation from Chicago to Spirit Island with a teenaged Native American girl named Maria (Bettina Bush) and her brother. They plan to save Spirit Island to preserve their heritage, when a conflict arises regarding the development of tribal burial grounds. When her Grandma organizes a protest against defiling their ancestors' sacred burial ground, Maria takes up the cudgel. The villains are land developers who seek to transform Spirit Island into a vacation resort.