Sangile is a 2019 Sri Lankan Sinhalese adult drama film directed by Lalith Pannipitiya and co-produced by G. Dharmarathna and K.G. Shirani Dias for JMV Films. It stars Dulani Anuradha and Saranga Disasekara in lead roles along with Sanath Gunathilake and Veena Jayakody. Music composed by Saman Panapitiya. It is the 1320th Sri Lankan film in the Sinhalese cinema.


Sangele (Dulani) is a girl who lives in a village with no one. Many are trying to get close to her lonely life even sexual influences. Punchi Malli (Sanath) show a huge attract toward Sangile, even though he is married. Meanwhile, a hard working young Sunimal (Saranga) falls in love with Sangile. However, Punchi Malli send him jail with a false rumour. During this time, Punchi Malli rapes Sangile and Punchi Malli's wife (Veena) get to know about the hidden truth. She tried to blame Sangile for dirty works, however Punchi Malli punished her. Sangile gets pregnant and story continues.

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    director Lalith Pannipitiya
    editor Pravin Jayaratne
    genre drama
    keywords hard work hidden truth married
    musicBy Saman Panapitiya
    producer JMV Films
    publisher CEL theaters