Kadalpalam is a 1969 Malayalam language film directed by K. S. Sethumadhavan. Sathyan, Prem Nazir, Jayabharathi, Sheela, Bahadoor and Adoor Bhasi star in the lead. The film is an adaptation of the very popular professional stage play of the same name authored by the renowned dramatist K. T. Mohammed, which is an adaptation of the 1940 Hindi film Prem Nagar. The film was critically well received and was a box office hit. It is probably best remembered for the performance by Sathyan, who received the first ever State Award for his performance.


The story revolves round the family of Narayana Kaimal (Sathyan), a leading advocate who loses his eyesight. Kaimal is a strict disciplinarian and always tries to impose his thoughts and principles on his children and fellow beings. This creates a conflict with others. Kaimal's elder son Raghu (Again Sathyan) dislikes the obstinate nature of his father leading to constant conflicts between the two. Kaimal's younger son Prabhakaran (K. P. Ummer) who is an advocate and daughter Geetha (Jayabharathi) try to obey their father, but at times they only pretend to obey him. Kaimal now sees the world through the eyes of his faithful servant Appu (Bahadur).