Manasu Mamata

Manasu Mamata is an Indian Telugu serial airing on the ETV Telugu from Monday to Saturday at 7:30 pm (IST). Directed by Anil Kumar, this Telugu serial has completed 2,864 episodes (as of 24 March 2020) and is still on the air. The pilot episode aired in 2011.


The story starts with Mr. Koteshwar Rao (Koti), who works for Harshavardan, a man of high status and affluence. Koti, a simple lower-middle class man, lives with his wife and their daughter, Archana, a beautiful girl with praiseworthy character. Archana is valued by Mr. Koti's boss, but Harshavardan's horrible daughter, Soundarya, is jealous of Archana and pulls pranks on her.