Beyvafaa is a 1993 Maldivian drama film directed by Ibrahim Rasheed. Produced by Hussain Rasheed under Farivaa Films, the film stars Hussain Ali, Reeko Moosa Manik and Waleedha Waleed in pivotal roles.


Sharumeela (Waleedha Waleed), a blind orphan, intolerant of her tenants, moves out of the house she resides in. Mohamed meets Sharumeela and sympathizes for her disability and takes care of her where he later confesses his love for her. Mohamed shares his marriage plan to his father (Chilhiya Moosa Manik) who disowns him when he refuses to comply with his father's demands. Sharumeela and Mohamed marry and consult a doctor visiting from Japan. After a successful operation, Sharumeela gains her eyesight. Meanwhile, Mohamed's brother Suheil, who is married to Kaiydha (Sithi Fulhu) starts a romantic affair with an elder married-woman (Haajara Abdul Kareem).