Little Miss Smiles

Little Miss Smiles

Little Miss Smiles is a 1922 American drama film directed by John Ford. The film is considered to be lost.


As described in a film magazine, The Jewish Aaronson family consists of Papa (Williams), Mama (Franklin), David (Rankin), Louis (Testa), Leon (Lapan), Esther (Mason), and the Baby (Blumfield). They live in humble quarters in the ghetto of a large city. Esther spreads sunshine with her smiles and, when Mama is stricken blind and taken to the hospital, she assumes the duties as head of the family. Doctor Jack Washton (Glass) at the hospital takes an interest in Esther and saves her from The Spider (D'Albrook) when he invades the Aaronson flat. On the day Mama is brought home, David is arrested for shooting The Spider. The doctor, in order to shield Esther's mother from the pain of seeing her boy arrested, assumes the blame for the shooting. The Spider, however, recovers and absolves David from all blame.

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    director John Ford
    genre drama
    keywords arrest baby film magazine shoot
    producer William Fox
    publisher 20th Century Fox