The Ugly is a 1997 New Zealand horror film, the first feature directed and written by Scott Reynolds. The film starred Paolo Rotondo, Rebecca Hobbs, Jennifer Ward-Lealand, and Roy Ward. The film is about a psychiatrist who is meeting with a serial killer to determine whether or not he has been successfully cured. They delve into a journey through his past and his victims, and through this "The Ugly," a distorted allusion to The Ugly Duckling, is revealed. It was nominated for best film awards at festivals in New Zealand, Portugal and the United States.


The film takes place in an old, worn down insane asylum in Auckland, New Zealand, run by Dr. Marlowe (Roy Ward). Simon Cartwright (Paolo Rotondo), one of his patients, is seeking an appeal from a psychiatrist to get a reevaluation of his mental state. He wants to prove that he's been cured; Simon is a serial killer who has killed over a dozen different people. He wants a psychiatrist from outside of the asylum to take his case, and he specifically asks for Dr. Karen Shumaker. Dr. Shumaker (Rebecca Hobbs) has recently gained some publicity from winning a case involving another serial killer.