Mi familia perfecta

Mi familia perfecta

Mi familia perfecta is an American telenovela created by José Vicente Spataro that premiered on Telemundo on 9 April 2018 and concluded on 13 July 2018. The series revolves around of the Guerrero family, a family so united, as dysfunctional, formed by five siblings who were left alone when their father died and their mother was deported.


The series tells the story of Los Guerrero, five siblings struggling to achieve the American dream and get ahead after the death of their father and the deportation of their mother to Mexico. Los Guerrero must demonstrate that they are a very united family to face the different obstacles and situations faced by immigrants in the United States. Dysfunctional but always united, these siblings, El Patas (Jorge Luis Moreno), Rosa (Laura Chimaras), Marisol (Gala Montes), Julián (Gabriel Tarantini) and Lili (Ainhoa Paz), will live the difficult situation of seeing their mother, Irma (Laura Flores), take on the painful decision to leave them in Houston, United States to assure them a better future when she is deported to Mexico. From this moment, the Guerreros will have to support each other to overcome the obstacles of an immigrant family in the United States, achieve the American dream, and at the same time, remain united under one roof. In their struggle, they will have the support of Erika Ramírez (Sabrina Seara), a social worker who takes on the case of these five siblings, and Santiago Vélez (Mauricio Henao), a male soccer coach who discovers Marisol's talent playing soccer. Through her passion for this sport, Marisol will reactivate the faith in her family to continue fighting for her dreams regardless of the obstacles they have to face.