Do Saheliyaan... Kismat Ki Kathputaliyaan

Do Saheliyaan... Kismat Ki Kathputaliyaan (English: two friends... puppets of fate) is an Indian television series that aired on Zee TV channel. The series premiered on 1 March 2010 and the final episode aired on 8 July 2010.


Set in Rajasthan, Do Saheliyaan focuses on the forbidden friendship between the daughter of a wealthy Rajput, Maithili, and a poor Rabari village girl, Bhavri. Although they are best friends, they cannot be together because of the differences in their castes and economic backgrounds. The story begins with Bhavri and Maithili as young children. Bhavri's uncle Badri elopes with Maithili's aunt Roop. This creates an uproar between the two castes. Maithili runs to rescue her friend, who is caught in the turmoil. Bhavri's mother Toral sees that Maithili's life is in danger, and runs into the massacre. As Maithili's brother is about to accidentally hit his sister, Toral takes the blow. This kills her and also separates Bhavri's uncle from Maithili's aunt. Maithili's grandmother (the head of her household) proclaims that Roop is a disgrace, and tells the latter that Badri is dead. Badri, his life in danger, flees his village. During Toral's funeral, her younger sister Kalindi appears. She is traumatized by her sister's death and vows revenge on the Rajputs. Kalindi marries Bhavri's father and becomes her niece's stepmother.