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Maggie & Bianca: Fashion Friends is an Italian live-action sitcom which premiered on Rai Gulp on August 29, 2016. The series was created by Iginio Straffi. It focuses on two roommates at the Fashion Academy of Milan: Maggie (Emanuela Rei), an American girl on a scholarship in Italy, and Bianca (Giorgia Boni), the daughter of an Italian fashion entrepreneur.


Maggie is an eccentric American girl from Portland who wins a scholarship to the Fashion Academy of Milan, a prestigious fashion school, on her sixteenth birthday. Bianca is the stylish and chic daughter of a powerful Italian fashion mogul. Bianca likes to sing but doesn't seem to motivated to join The band. The two girls meet and are thrown together as roommates at the Fashion Academy, but get off to a rocky start as they have very different personalities and conflicting points of view. However, as they clash over time, they come to understand one another. Together with three of their classmates, they form a band called the MoodBoards in order to pursue their musical dreams, while simultaneously continuing their study of fashion at the Academy. At the end of the first season Maggie and Bianca discover that they are half-sisters, with the same father but different mothers. In the second season, Maggie's mother, who is a songwriter, comes to the Academy to teach, while members of the MoodBoards' rival band, CoolGhost, attend the Academy as new students.


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    genre comedy live-action
    keywords american girl end new student two girls
    publisher Netflix Rai Gulp