No – That's Me Over Here!

No – That's Me Over Here! is a British sitcom that aired for three series from 1967 to 1970.


Ronnie Corbett played Ronnie, a man short in stature but big in ideas, and a quintessential suburban commuter who works in an insurance company with his snooty neighbour Cyril (played by McGee). Ronnie and Cyril not only work in the same department, but they also go to work every morning in the same train in the same compartment, which means that their business lives are rather linked to each other. Ronnie is aspiring and ambitious, always coming up with plans to improve his profile at work and win favour with his (and Cyril's) boss Mr. Robinson (played by Dean), and not stopping at anything to make sure his plans progress. The comedy hence arises from Ronnie's big plans and how they meet with Cyril's and others' secret opposition, and their constant attempts to back-stab Ronnie - Cyril being a quintessential practitioner of 'office politics'. The other main character in the series is Mr. Robinson's secretary (played by Meredith).