The Cup

The Cup is a British television programme starring Steve Edge, Pal Aron and Jennifer Hennessy. It is based on the Canadian TV series The Tournament. The show is presented as a mockumentary, and features an Under-11s football team aiming to succeed in a prestigious national tournament – amidst friction between the various parents and club staff.


Terry McConnell is desperate for his 10-year-old son, Malky, to get a trial for Bolton Wanderers – so desperate that Malky misses a training session. And, even though he is joint leading scorer, Malky is dropped from Ashburn United's league decider. Terry moves heaven and earth to persuade coach Tom Blackley to relent and play Malky from the start, but Tom's blood pressure is rising fast, and he soon succumbs to a stroke. McConnell forces club owner Sandra Farrell to allow him to manage, ahead of fellow player dad and gynaecologist Dr. Kaskar, and he leads the team to victory. With Blackley critically ill, the club attempts to organise a benefit for him, while McConnell and Kaskar continue to chase the regular manager's job (each unwilling to be a 'co-coach', and each wanting to get his own son into the team). Farrell instead awards it to the French-born coach at the local school.