Followed is a 2018 supernatural horror found-footage film written by Todd Klick and directed by Antoine Le in his feature directorial debut. The film is told almost entirely through a single screencast, in which a sequence of vlogs being watched on a website chronicle the events of the plot. It stars Matthew Solomon as DropTheMike, a controversial vlogger and social media celebrity, who is haunted by strange forces when he takes his weekly vlog to a reputedly cursed hotel in order to gain more subscribers. It co-stars John Savage, Sam Valentine, Tim Drier, Caitlin Grace and Kelsey Paul, and is produced by Viscape Arts in association with Branded Pictures Entertainment. The film had its world premiere at Burbank International Film Festival on September 7, 2018 where it won the award for Best Horror/Thriller Feature Film.


A log-in box appears against the black background on a video screen capture. In the recording, an unknown silhouetted user, seen via webcam, clicks through the computer’s start-up functions. The user plugs in a USB flash drive, begins the transfer of a video file to the desktop, and opens the web browser, searching for “drop the mike”. The user surfs through clickbait articles delivering news regarding the recent disappearance of controversial vlogger-of-the-macabre, DropTheMike (Matthew Solomon), whose last vlogs chronicle his stay at the Hotel Lennox, a reputedly haunted hotel in Downtown Los Angeles. The user follows the link to the vlogger’s website and watches the last few of his video uploads on the site.