Surviving Escobar: Alias JJ

Surviving Escobar: Alias JJ

Surviving Escobar: Alias JJ (Spanish: Sobreviviendo a Escobar, Alias JJ) is a Colombian crime drama television series produced by Asier Aguilar, based on the book Sobreviviendo a Pablo Escobar by Jhon Jairo Velásquez, the lieutenant and right hand of Pablo Escobar, and stars Juan Pablo Urrego as the titular character. The series premiered in Colombia on Caracol Televisión on 8 February 2017 as Alias J.J., lo que pasa tras las rejas, and concluded on 23 May 2017. On Netflix the series premiered on 1 August 2017 with a total of sixty episodes.


Sobreviviendo a Escobar recounts the life of Alias "JJ" after becoming the only survivor of the so-called "Extraditables". Everything begins in the decline of Pablo Escobar, when Alias "JJ" decides to surrender to justice. Already in prison he must face his enemies and use all his tactics not only to survive, but to establish again as a great capo inside the prison and continue his reign of terror, returning to be a feared drug trafficker from the prison.