The Rape of a Sweet Young Girl

The Rape of a Sweet Young Girl is a Canadian satirical comedy-drama film, directed by Gilles Carle and released in 1968. The film stars Julie Lachapelle as Julie, a young sexually liberated woman who gets pregnant from a casual but consensual sexual encounter and wrestles with whether to have the baby or go for an abortion, while her older brothers Raphaël (Daniel Pilon), Gabriel (Donald Pilon) and Joachim (André Gagnon) decide, without listening to Julie's own perspective, that she has been raped and set off to find the "assailant", and themselves end up committing rape against another young woman.

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    director Gilles Carle
    editor Yves Langlois
    genre comedy-drama
    musicBy Pierre F. Brault
    producer André Lamy
    productionCompany Onyx Films
    theme satirical