Paper Flower is a short narrative film by Toy Gun Films that was premiered in Tokyo in February 2011. It was first shown in the U.S. at the Beverly Hills Film Festival on April 8, 2011. Paper Flower was directed by Brent Ryan Green, written by Jeff Goldberg, and produced by Toy Gun Films The cinematographer was Thomas Marvel and the music was composed by Aska Matsumiya Your Enemies Friends.


Asuka (Anna Ishibashi) and her best childhood friend, Michi (Ayami Kakiuchi), are young girls who live in the fast, savvy city of Tokyo, where being fashionable is a not a social cliché, but a social requirement. Although the girls are leading two different kinds of lives, they find they must decide how much of themselves they must give up in order to find true love. The movie follows the story of Asuka as she compromises herself in order to get what she thinks she wants, but instead, she finds something entirely different that she never knew she wanted or needed.

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    director Brent Ryan Green
    editor Aki Mizutani
    genre drama
    keywords true love want young girl
    musicBy Aska Matsumiya
    producer Brent Ryan Green
    publisher Toy Gun Films
    theme japanese narrative short