The Life is a 2002 American film directed by Rolando Hudson and written by Julie Atwell and Rolando Hudson.


Emiline Crane is a widow in New York City. She's cheerful with her neighbors, but she misses her husband and prizes a locket she wears that contains his picture. A sudden noise startles her, she falls and dies. At Heaven's door, a Mr. Peters tells her there's been a mistake. She can sit in the atrium for 22 years or she can return to earth for 22 years to inhabit the body of a just-deceased young woman. Emiline thinks a moment and opts for earth, and there she is, inside the muscular body of Jasmine, another NYC resident whose apartment is full of high-tech gadgets. How Emiline sets about reconciling her past and her possibilities makes up the rest of the film.

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    director Rolando Hudson
    genre drama
    keywords new york city young woman
    theme short