Ganga Manga is a Telugu Drama soap opera, that premiered on Zee Telugu on 28 May 2018 and has crossed over 400+ episodes. The series stars Nalini, Srivani and Vasudev in lead roles and child artists Lasya and Harshita as main protagonists, the is directed by Prabhakar Podakandla.


Gauri hopes to release her husband from the bonded slavery to Bhairamma, by paying off the debt he owes. Meanwhile, realising that her young daughter Ganga has gone to the jungle stream to fetch water, a panicked Gauri rushes to find her. Elsewhere, the Zamindar’s estranged wife Rajeshwari Devi, who values honesty and discipline, admonishes her mother for overindulging her daughter Manga. Meanwhile, Ganga finds her father on her way home, toiling away as Bhairamma’s slave.


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    genre drama
    keywords bonded slavery estranged wife young daughter
    publisher Zee Telugu ZEE5