The Pleasure Garden

The Pleasure Garden

The Pleasure Garden is a 1925 British-German silent film directed by Alfred Hitchcock in his directorial debut. Based on a novel by Oliver Sandys, the film is about two chorus girls at the Pleasure Garden Theatre in London and their troubled relationships.


Jill, a young dancer, arrives in London with a letter of introduction to Mr. Hamilton, proprietor of the Pleasure Garden Theatre. The letter and all her money are stolen from her handbag as she waits to see him. Patsy, a chorus girl at the Pleasure Garden, sees her difficulty and offers to take her to her own lodgings and to try to get her a job. Next morning Jill is successful in getting a part in the show. Her fiancé, Hugh, arrives with a colleague called Levet. Hugh and Patsy become very close while Jill is being pursued by a number of rich men, eventually breaking up with Hugh in order to begin a relationship with the wealthy Prince Ivan. Not long after this, Hugh is sent to Africa by his company.

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    contentLocation Genoa
    director Alfred Hitchcock
    genre crime drama
    keywords africa break chorus girl haunt london morning
    musicBy Miklós Rózsa
    producer Erich Pommer Michael Balcon
    productionCompany Bavaria Film Gainsborough Pictures
    publisher Wardour Films
    recordedAt Lake Como
    theme silent