So... Happy Together

So... Happy Together ( Happy Together and Que sera sera) is a 2004 Filipino romantic comedy film about friendship, written by Ricardo Lee, directed by Joel Lamangan, and produced by Regal Films. Led by Kris Aquino and Eric Quizon in their second film together, the film's supporting stars include Tonton Gutierrez, Gloria Diaz, Cogie Domingo, Nova Villa, and Jay-R.


After meeting during the 1980s at the first gay pride parade in Malate, the talkative Lianne (Kris Aquino) and the colorfully gay Osmond (Eric Quizon) become fast friends. Over the next 30 years, the two do everything together... dining, shopping, discussing life, and even looking for the perfect man. The two became so inseparable, that even their mothers had become best friends as well. The Lianne and Osmond friendship lasts for decades, even beyond Lianne's becoming a mother to two teenage daughters and until Osmond's death.