Scare Me is an 2020 American comedy horror film written, directed, and produced by Josh Ruben. It stars Aya Cash, Ruben, Rebecca Drysdale and Chris Redd.


Fred (Josh Ruben), a struggling actor and writer, rents a mountain cabin to try to write in isolation, and hires similarly aspiring writer Bettina (Rebecca Drysdale) to drive him to and from the cabin. Unable to think of ideas, he goes for a run and meets Fanny (Aya Cash), the successful author of Venus, an acclaimed horror novel, who's staying in a nearby cabin. Fanny is unimpressed by Fred's attempts to justify himself as a writer, and the two go their separate ways for the night. When a thunderstorm knocks out the power on the mountain, Fanny comes to Fred's house to check on his power. The two wind up drinking together, and Fanny challenges Fred to tell her a scary story and frighten her. Fred's first attempt at telling his story doesn't engage Fanny, but as she eggs him on, he tells her a tale about a young boy who saw his parents killed by a werewolf and grew up to take revenge, embellished by sound effects and voice acting. Fanny criticizes Fred for making his story about a white man, to which Fred challenges her to tell him one of her ideas in progress.