Killer Bean Forever

Killer Bean Forever is a 2009 computer-animated action film written, produced, and directed by Jeff Lew. Taking place in a world of anthropomorphic coffee beans, the film tells the story of a bean assassin named Jack "Killer" Bean, who is sent to hunt down a crime boss, while he himself is hunted by mercenaries and the police. The film was preceded by two web shorts: "Killer Bean: The Interrogation" in 1996, and "Killer Bean 2.1: The Party" in 2000. In 2020, an animated series that continues the story of the film was announced.


One night, at 2:43 AM, bean assassin Jack "Killer" Bean is having problems sleeping due to several gangsters holding a loud party in a nearby warehouse. He calls the gangsters' leader to turn down the music, but he refuses, so Killer Bean resumes to killing all the gangsters; their leader is later revealed to be the nephew of crime boss and drug lord Cappuccino. Shortly after, a police investigation led by Detective Cromwell occurs at the warehouse, which is known to be owned by Cappuccino. Vagan, a lieutenant who runs guns for Cappuccino, arrives at the warehouse, discovering the massacre, and leaves after being briefly questioned by Cromwell.