April's Shower

April's Shower

April's Shower is a 2003 romantic comedy film directed by and starring Trish Doolan. The film also stars Maria Cina and Randall Batinkoff. Doolan also served as writer, producer, and director for the film. The film was actually released as early as 2003 at the Hamburg Gay and Lesbian Film Festival and was subsequently released at other gay-themed film festivals in cities around the world, including San Francisco, Charlotte, Copenhagen, Tampa, Detroit, Rochester, and Dallas. The film gained wide but limited release in January 2006.


April's Shower begins with a group of people gathered for a wedding shower for April. At first, it seems to be a normal gathering for such an occasion but, as time goes on, secrets and stories begin to be revealed. Alex (Doolan) is a chef and a maid of honor at April's wedding. She ultimately reveals her true feelings which ends up taking an effect on everybody at the shower.