Nazty Nuisance

Nazty Nuisance

That Nazty Nuisance is a 1943 American featurette that was one of Hal Roach's Streamliners and directed by Glenn Tryon. The film is also known as Double Crossed Fool (international TV title) and The Last Three. It is a sequel to The Devil with Hitler.


Germany's Führer Adolf Hitler embarks on a secret journey to the oriental country of Norom to negotiate a treaty with the blood-thirsty High Chief Paj Mub, mostly because Paj Mub insists on meeting Hitler personally instead of making relations through Hitler's emissary, Kapitän von Popoff. Unfortunately, despite Hitler's insistence that they shouldn't be told and Goebbels' efforts to mislead them, his Axis partners Benito Mussolini of Italy and General Suki Yaki of Japan unsolicitedly appear at the submarine dock and invite themselves to the trip.