Uninvited is a 1988 American horror film written and directed by Greydon Clark and starring Toni Hudson, Eric Larson, Alex Cord, George Kennedy, and Clu Gulager.


At a genetic research facility, a genetically-altered mutant cat is placed inside a house cat. The house cat escapes captivity, and kills several people in the building before escaping through an air duct. The next day, it jumps on a truck driven by two men, and kills them both by attacking them, causing them to crash the car. Meanwhile, multimillionaire “Wall Street” Walter Graham, and his associate Mike Harvey are preparing to take a luxury yacht to the Cayman Islands to evade criminal prosecution. Accompanying them are Rachel, the boat's captain whose working her way to buy the boat back from Walter, Albert, Walter's friend, and Suzanne, and Bobbi, two spring breakers invited to come along.