Sitara is an Indian Bengali-language film directed by Ashis Roy and based on novel Bhorer Proshuti by Abul Bashar. Produced by Siva prasad Pradhan under the Shivani Entertainment banner, the film stars Nassar as the title Raima Sen. The film focuses on Sitara, as a poor Bangladeshi housewife who crossed the border to enter the Indian lands illegally. It was released on 19 July 2019.


Sitara is a poor Bangladeshi housewife who crossed the border to enter the Indian lands illegally, with her husband Jiban Sheikh. Jiban sold Sitara to Kabir, a notorious smuggler of ladies' and gents' pants, in order to earn bread by smuggling garments from Bangladesh. Sitara's father and brother also supported Jiban for their own selfish motives. Sitara found herself trapped and in deep hatred for her own people. This led her to accept herself as the ladies' and gents' pants queen. She soon established herself in the trade by offering her youth to the traders,agents,police officers and the security forces officers of both the countries. Dilu, a poor Bangladeshi, who accompanied Sitara and Jiban had arrived with his mentally challenged sister. Jiban had appointed Dilu to look after his wife but Dilu soon fell in love with her. Although he could not never gather enough courage to confess his love, he tried hard to dissuade Sitara from doing such a risky job, but all went in vain. Sitara rising to fame as the queen of ladies' and gents' pants came with a cost. Various diseases began to leech off of her and left her alone, frail and penniless. Even her husband who pushed her to this state soon divorced her after she fell ill. Only Dilu who had lost his sister by this time stood beside Sitara. But, she pushed him away as she did not want to spoil his life.After these times of turmoil Sitara's health recovered but her position in the ladies' and gents' pants business could not be regained. Meanwhile, Sitara met Manab, a social worker fighting for the rights of the poor people living in the border area. Sitara joined him and revoked the local people to rise up against the administration and local mafias. Sitara eventually fell in love with Manab and led him to success. Like others Manab too abandoned her after becoming an M.L.A. and went ahead to marry a rich woman from Kolkata. Sitara's plight to earn a living continued.