Megala மேகலா

Megala is a 2007-2010 Indian Tamil-language soap opera that aired on Sun TV from 4 June 2007 to 25 April 2008 on Monday through Friday at 19:30 (IST) Later its timing changed to from 28 April 2008 to 23 April 2010 at 18:00 (IST) for 729 episodes. It had been receiving the highest ratings of Tamil serials and received high praising from viewers..The show starring by Gayathiri, Yugendran, Vadivukkarasi, Kuyili, Shreekumar, Rajkanth and Bhavana. The show producer by Metti Oli serial fame Cine Times Entertainment Siddhiq and directed by Vikramathithan. It replaced Anjali. It was also aired in Sri Lanka Tamil Channel on Shakthi TV.


The story of a couple, Kalai and Thilaga, who have five children. Kalai’s sister Vadivu lives with him and Kalai is totally devoted to Vadivu and does all that she says. Vadivu (Vadivukkarasi) tries to separate the couple as she does not like Thilaga. Mehala born to this couple and Vadivu hates that, convincing Kalai to disown her from the family. Hence Mehala (Gayathiri) is brought up in her grandparents home and Thilaga often visits to the home with her other kids. Mehala is very fond of her other siblings.


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    genre drama
    keywords old man on the run vadivukkarasi