Stag is a British black comedy television serial created by Jim Field Smith and George Kay, starring Jim Howick, Stephen Campbell Moore, Pilou Asbæk, JJ Feild, Rufus Jones, Amit Shah, Reece Shearsmith, and Tim Key. The three-part series, directed by Jim Field Smith from his scripts co-written with George Kay, began broadcasting on BBC Two, in the United Kingdom, on 27 February 2016.


Eight men set off on a hunting trip in the Scottish Highlands, a stag party for "Johnners". Ian, the bride's brother, is a last-minute addition to the party after somebody else dropped out. Being less of an alpha male than the others, he is immediately singled out for ridicule, but remains with the group because he has promised his sister that he will look after her fiancé. After insulting the gamekeeper who best man "Ledge" has hired to take them hunting in the woods, the group is abandoned by the old man, leaving them to fend for themselves. After they set up camp, a mysterious figure begins killing them off one by one. The group soon find themselves running for their lives, all while speculating who the killer could be.