Figght is an Indian Marathi-language action-romance film. It was directed by Jimmy Moray, edited by Shashank Shah, written by Swapnil Mahaling and produced by Lalit Oswaal under the banner of Future X Production. The film stars Jeet More while featuring Suresh Vishwakarma, Purva Shinde, Anup Ingale and Madhav Abhyankar. The film was released in India on 11January 2019.


A young boy has an altercation with his father which results in the boy leaving the village of Satara, India. He encounters several members of a gang and a fight ensues, in which he impresses the gang's boss and is admitted into the gang. The boy is convinced to sell drugs, under the impression that he is selling Ayurvedic medicine (i.e.: traditional Hindu medicine). A boxing coach catches the attention of the young boy and attempts to train him to become a boxing champion.