The Gendarme Gets Married

The Gendarme Gets Married

The Gendarme Gets Married is the third installment of the Gendarmes series, starring again Louis de Funès and one more time Geneviève Grad as his daughter. This comedy film succeeds Gendarme in New York and is followed by three further installments.


The gendarme Cruchot meets the widow Josepha. They quickly fall in love. But Cruchot's daughter doesn't like Josepha and is determined to prevent the wedding by all means necessary.

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    contentLocation Saint-Tropez
    director Jean Girault
    editor Jean-Michel Gautier
    genre comedy
    keywords wed
    musicBy Raymond Lefèvre
    producer Gérard Beytout Rene Pignères
    publisher Medusa Distribuzione
    recordedAt Saint-Tropez
    theme police comedy