Abilene Town

Abilene Town is a 1946 American Western film directed by Edwin L. Marin and starring 1a1f05223d1141709f9b5cae419f3851Randolph Scott69470a1cf94c4584b0df5788da7579c5 and ac0d4b62e3074b86b32434ff1b86a965Ann Dvorak61f374f2b34043769a6c58e3fba49993. Adapted from Ernest Haycox's 1941 novel Trail Town, the production's plot is set in the Old West, in the cattle town of Abilene, Kansas in 1870.


In the years following the Civil War, the state of Kansas is increasingly divided by opposing economic and social forces. Homesteaders are moving into the West, trying to start new lives, and their increasing presence is clashing with the established commercial interests of cattlemen, who had settled in the region before the war. Abilene, a major cattle town, is on the brink of an armed conflict between the cattlemen and the homesteaders, and the town marshal Dan Mitchell (Randolph Scott) strives to keep the peace between those two groups as well maintain the uneasy coexistence between Abilene's townspeople and the ranchers with their legion of cowboys. For years, the town had been literally divided, with the cattlemen and their supporters occupying one side of the main street and townspeople occupying the other side. Mitchell liked it this way; it made things easier for him, and prevented dangerous confrontations from arising between the two factions. However, when homesteaders decide to lay stakes on the edge of town that existing balance is upset and leads to a deadly showdown.