Conta-me como foi

Conta-me como foi is a Portuguese television drama series which has been broadcast on RTP1 of Rádio e Televisão de Portugal from 2007 to 2011 and since 2019. It recounts the experiences of a middle-class family, the Lopes, during the last years of the Estado Novo.


António Lopes (Miguel Guilherme) and Margarida Marques (Rita Blanco) are a married couple that have emigrated in the 1960s from Ermidão, a (fictional) small village inland, to a (also fictional) working-class suburb in Lisbon, along with her mother Hermínia and their three children, Isabel, Tóni and Carlos seeking a better life away from the hardships of an impoverished countryside. António works as a clerk at the Ministry of Finance in the mornings and at Eng. Ramires' (José Raposo) printing house in the afternoons. Margarida and Hermínia make trousers for a department store at home while doing the housekeeping. Isabel works at Clara's hair salon along with Náni, Tóni is starting a master's degree in Law making him the first Lopes going to university and Carlos spends his school days with his best friends Marinho (Manuel Alves) and Luís (Francisco Madeira). With great effort and hard work they are able to purchase in installments their first television set, their first washing machine and even their first car.