Poove Poochudava

Poove Poochudava

Poove Poochudava ( Come to adorn you with flowers) is a 2017 Indian Tamil-language soap opera starring Reshma Muralidaran, Karthick Vasudevan, Krithika Laddu and Madhan Pandian. It started airing on 24 April 2017 on Zee Tamil. This series currently directed by Rathinam Vasudevan and developed by Team Work Manthra.


Shiva and Shakthi meet in an automobile accident and instantly hate each other, but conspire to help Shiva's cousin brother Sundhar who has fallen in love with Shakthi's sister Meenakshi. Following a series of misunderstandings, Meenakshi's marriage to Gautham is called off and the new match Sundhar was proposed. Meenakshi's parents agree but Sundhar's mom Subadhra insists that Shiva marry first as the eldest son. As Subadhra killed Shiva's parents in past because to get his property. Though Shiva, a woman hater with no interest in marriage, Shiva says he will marry his employee, Nithya.