Miss Tulip Stays the Night

Miss Tulip Stays the Night

Miss Tulip Stays the Night is a 1955 British comedy crime film directed by Leslie Arliss and starring Diana Dors, Patrick Holt, Jack Hulbert and Cicely Courtneidge. The screenplay concerns a crime writer and his wife who stay at a country house, where a mysterious corpse appears.


A novelist (Patrick Holt) and his wife (Diana Dors) are sleeping peacefully in their new cottage when a mysterious older lady (Cicely Courtneidge) arrives, apparently stranded in a storm. She hands the writer her gun and some jewellery for safe-keeping, and asks for a bed for the night. Unfortunately, someone shoots her during the night and the author is accused of the crime. He is forced to turn detective to defend himself.


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    director Leslie Arliss
    editor Sam Simmonds
    genre comedy crime
    keywords force sleep strand
    producer Bill Luckwell
    productionCompany Jaywell
    publisher Adelphi Films Ltd.
    theme crime comedy