Ice Queen

Ice Queen, originally titled Avalanche Run, is a 2005 American horror film co-written and directed by Neil Kinsella and starring Ami Chorlton. The principal photography was conducted in Vermont and the film was released directly to video on June 7, 2005 in the United States by the MTI Home Video media distributing company.


Deep in the Amazon Rainforest, a well-preserved woman dating from the ice age is found encased in amber. Her body is then loaded onto an airplane to be taken to a military facility where she can be studied by scientists. Dr. Thomas Goddard takes care of the woman on the plane, although fails to notice when her heating system malfunctions, causing it to create freezing temperatures in her tube, and it awakens her into an angry ice-monster. Meanwhile, at a nearby mountain ski resort, mountain worker Johnny has a one-night stand with Elaine, who's applying for a job at the resort the next day. Few people are left at the resort as its closed for the week, including Johnny, Elaine, Johnny's crush Tori, and her uncle Ed, who owns the resort, Johnny's friends Devlin, and Jessie, and fellow worker Audrey.