Thene Manasulu

Thene Manasulu

Thene Manasulu is a 1965 Indian Telugu-language romance film directed by Adurthi Subba Rao and written by Mullapudi Venkata Ramana. The film stars Krishna, Rammohan, Sandhya Rani and Sukanya, all in their acting debuts as the leads. It is based on K. R. K. Mohan's novel Vakrinchina Sarala Rekhalu. In Thene Manasulu, a young girl (Sukanya) falls in love with a man (Krishna), not realising he is the same man her was marriage was initially fixed with. The film was released on 31 March 1965 and became a commercial success. It was remade by Adurthi in Hindi as Doli (1969).


Sita and Bhanumathi are friends. Chittibabu and Basavaraju are classmates. Chittibabu agrees to marry Sita on the condition that her father Narasaraju send him to the United States for higher studies. To pay for his daughter's wedding, Narasaraju steals money from the office of Bhanumathi's father Srinivasa Rao. Fearing he will be accused of embezzling money, Srinivasa Rao abandons his family and runs away. Basavaraju rejects his bride Bhanumathi without even looking at her. Bhanumathi leaves for the city along with her mother and obtains employment in a firm. Basavaraju meets and falls in love with Bhanumathi, unaware that she is the same woman he rejected earlier. Chittibabu, upon returning from the United States, neglects his wife Sita and falls in love with Bhanumathi. To fix things for Sita, Bhanumathi initiates an elaborate plan and successfully unites her with Chittibabu, while Bhanumathi marries Basavaraju.

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    director Adurthi Subba Rao
    editor T. Krishna
    genre romance
    keywords reject wed
    musicBy K. V. Mahadevan
    producer C. Sundaram
    productionCompany Babu Movies