The Iron-Fisted Monk

The Iron-Fisted Monk is a 1977 Hong Kong martial arts film written and directed by Sammo Hung in his directorial debut. He also stars in the lead role. It co-stars Chan Sing and James Tien. The film was released on 25 August 1977 in Hong Kong.


Hawker (Sammo Hung), is sent to the Shaolin Temple by the Iron Fisted Monk (Chan Sing), after he saves Hawker from a beating by the Manchus. After being trained by his master (James Tien) he runs away from the temple, only to be confronted by his master and forced to take the four tests. Whilst this is happening, an official (Fung Hak-on) is indulging in his passion for raping women, and is virtually above the law as he is a powerful Manchu officer. He begins by raping Liang's (Lo Hoi-pang) sister (Chu Ching), who then commits suicide and makes Liang a very angry man. Liang takes his revenge by killing one of those pesky Manchus but everyone thinks Hawker is responsible.

    More details

    contentLocation Qing dynasty
    director Sammo Hung
    editor Peter Cheung
    events revenge
    genre action comedy
    keywords beat force happen iron fist kill lo hoi-pang manchu
    musicBy Frankie Chan
    producer Raymond Chow
    productionCompany Orange Sky Golden Harvest
    publisher Golden Harvest
    theme action comedy kung fu martial arts