Lady Godiva

Lady Godiva is a 1921 German silent historical film directed by Hubert Moest and starring Hedda Vernon and Eduard von Winterstein.


As described in a film magazine, Leofric, a cruel earl of England, threatens a cruel death to the father of the beautiful Lady Godiva (Vernon) if she does not agree to marry him. She then suffers indignities because of her determination to be a wife in name only. The people of Coventry plead with her to intervene with her husband after he threatens to burn down their homes. She succeeds, but only on the condition that she ride unclad on a white horse through the town. She does this, but the earl has disregarded the temper of the people. His palace is undermined and collapses, killing all the people inside. Lady Godiva, warned by the court jester, escapes before the catastrophe, and is reunited with her love, the architect.

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    contentLocation England
    director Hubert Moest
    genre historical
    keywords coventry film magazine kill lady godiva white horse
    producer Walter Caspary
    productionCompany Aß-Film As-Film
    publisher Horos-Film