The King of Ping Pong

The King of Ping Pong

The King of Ping Pong is a 2008 Swedish film directed by Jens Jonsson, who also co-wrote the film with Hans Gunnarsson. The film revolves around a dysfunctional family, including a teenager Rille. It was featured and won two awards at the 2008 Sundance Film Festival. It received mostly positive reception.


Taking place in northern Sweden, the film is about obese teenager Rille who loves to play ping pong, in which he wins against younger kids. While not playing table tennis, he has to deal with bullies and his younger sibling. Their mother tries to start a hairdressing operation from her home during her children's spring break. The father gets his children into all sorts of bizarre situations, which prompts Rille to wonder if the man really is their father.