Anak Ambar

Anak Ambar is a 2020 Indonesian short horror film. It was directed by Melvin Giovanie and written by Fanny Gunawan. The film tells a story about the belief of a mother who preserve the spirit of her stillbirth child (ambar child) by using attributes. Strange events begin to emerge when she temporarily stays with her eldest daughter, Mita, and Ferry, her son-in-law who does not accept her belief and disallow her to bring the ambar child's attributes into their house. The short film was released on January 15, 2020.

    More details

    director Melvin Giovanie
    editor Melvin Giovanie
    genre horror
    musicBy Kevin Macleod
    producer Fanny Gunawan
    productionCompany Verbind Films
    publisher Verbind Films
    theme ghost short