Pigs 2: The Last Blood

Pigs 2: The Last Blood is a Polish crime thriller directed by Władysław Pasikowski. The film was released on 5 April 1994, is a sequel to 1992's Pigs, and was followed by 2020's Pigs 3.


Poland in 1994. Franciszek Maurer (Franz) is released from prison. He is engaged by Radosław Wolf, an arms dealer, who just returned from Serbia. Maurer pulls to the gang former police colleague, "Nowy". Franz does not know that the whole time "Nowy" maintains contact with the major Bień. When Maurer, Wolf and "Nowy" have to organize a transport of weapons to Sarajevo by trucks. Franz informs the police about the planned transport. At the last moment the heads of the gang change the plan to use a train instead. Maurer has to stop the weapons-loaded train by himself.