Checkmate is a short drama film written by Eugenia Caruso and directed by Jason Bradbury. The film was executively produced by Susanna Cappellaro and Amy Gilliam and produced by Tim Mogridge and Giles Maunsell. Alexander Shulgin, who composed the score, also co-produced the film. The costumes, curated by stylist Davey Sutton, are by Ulyana Sergeenko and the archive of Ann Demeulemeester.


Prosperity is trapped. In her constant pursuit of perfection she must battle her opposite Penury, in an enchanted game of chess. The game affects the lives of two perfect archetypal lovers in a far away land, but as the game develops and the end draws ever closer, we are confronted with the question; Can perfection last more than just a moment? In her parochial desire to win, Prosperity forsakes herself to remain trapped in the enchanted game.

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    director Jason Bradbury
    editor Kat Janes
    genre drama
    keywords end game game dev trap
    musicBy Alexander Shulgin
    producer Tim Mogridge, Giles Maunsell
    theme short