Adventures of Jojo

Adventures of Jojo

Adventures Of Jojo is a Bengali children adventure film directed by Raj Chakraborty based on Tongling, a novel by Leela Majumdar.


The plot revolves with the subject of tiger poaching and wildlife. Jojo, a young and school going boy of 12, lives with his parents in Kolkata. He dreams of the wilderness and the animals in it. One day his parents go Vellore to take his grandmother. Jojo goes to his uncle's home to Baropahari in Arunachal Pradesh. He befriends with Shibu, a local boy of similar age. Shibu is the son of a mahout who grew up in the midst of nature and is friendly with animals, especially an elephant named Noni. They make a mission to stop a gang of poachers from killing Chenghiz, a huge tiger who is seen as the protector of the forest.