Home Truly 回家

Home Truly (Chinese: 回家) is a Singaporean drama produced and telecast on Mediacorp Channel 8.The drama is a Lunar New Year drama for 2017.It stars Zhang Zhenhuan , Pierre Png , Somaline Ang , Chen Shucheng , Hong Huifang , Rayson Tan , Cavin Soh , Priscelia Chan , Macy Chen, Adele Wong & Li Wenhai as the casts of this series.


Comprising the stories of 3 simple individuals, Going Home tells the poignant tale of how 3 hearts find their belonging: a naivete finds love with a gold digger, a vagrant finds his long-lost family, and a childless couple spread their love through fostering.


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    genre drama
    keywords belong childless couple gold digger
    publisher MediaCorp Channel 8