Magnum Muslim .357

Magnum Muslim .357 (or Muslim .357) is a 1986 Philippine action film directed by and starring Fernando Poe Jr. as an undercover officer of the Philippine Constabulary. The film was both a box-office and critical success, earning nominations from various award giving bodies in the Philippines, twice winning the Best Actor award for Poe's performance. This is, along with Poe's earlier portrayal of a Muslim hero in Zamboanga (1966), endeared Poe even more to Muslim audiences who are known to be passionate about the outcome of Poe's movies story-wise.


When his superior sends him to Manila to unmask a powerful syndicate, Lt. Jamal (Fernando Poe Jr.), an undercover cop, takes a job posing as the bodyguard of an influential police major. But when the syndicate's cronies uncover his motives, Jamal finds himself running for his life. Meanwhile, his Muslim faith has him doing everything in his power to avenge the deaths of two innocent teens who helped him conceal his true identity.


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    director Fernando Poe Jr.
    editor Augusto Salvador
    genre action
    keywords true identity undercover cop
    musicBy Ernani Cuenco
    producer Espiridion Laxa
    productionCompany EDL Productions