Kodaikanal is a 2008 Tamil thriller film directed by T. K. Bose. The film features newcomers Ashwanth Thilak, Poorna and Sekar in lead roles, with Kandeepan, Vadivukkarasi, Senthil, Scissor Manohar, Alex, Bayilvan Ranganathan and Vijay Krishnaraj playing supporting roles. The film, produced by R. Swarnalakshmi, had musical score by Deva and was released on 14 November 2008.


Surya (Ashwanth Thilak) and Nandha (Sekar) are orphans and petty thieves who steal for a living in Chennai. When they enter a moneylender’s house to rob, they find the safe completely empty and the moneylender dead. For the crime they haven’t committed, they are held as culprits and cops are there chasing them. The two friends, behind the wheel of a stolen car, head to Kodaikanal, a delightful hill station and a perfect place to hide from the police.