Twisted Pair

Twisted Pair is a 2018 American science fiction psychological thriller film directed, produced, scored, edited, and written by Neil Breen. The film stars Neil Breen, Sara Meritt, Siohbun Ebrahimi, Denise Bellini, Marty Dasis, Brad Stein, John Smith Burns, Art MacHenster, Greg Smith Burns, Ada Masters, and Jason Moriglio. The film centers around identical twin brothers, Cade and Cale Altair, who become hybrid Artificial Intelligence entities, who are torn in different directions to achieve justice for humanity.


During their youth, Cade and his identical twin brother Cale (both portrayed by Neil Breen) were abducted by an unknown power and modified to become Humanoids, secret agents who are out to stop evil. Cale didn't fit in with the program and was fired. Cade, as an adult, is introduced on a mission where he is protecting troops. He returns to headquarters and meets with his boss, who suggests that he take a vacation. Cade laments not having seen his brother since before he became a Humanoid.