El patrullero 777

El patrullero 777 (in English: "The Patrolman 777") is a 1978 Mexican comedy film directed by Miguel M. Delgado and starring Cantinflas, Ana Bertha Lepe and Valeria Pani. The film concludes the loose trilogy around the character of the Patrolman 777, who first appeared in The Unknown Policeman (1941) and reappeared in The Atomic Fireman (1952), although the only connection between the three films is that Cantinflas's character is a policeman who uses the callsign 777.


Sergeant Diógenes Bravo (Cantinflas) is the Patrolman 777, a member of the Mexico City police. He has a high sense of honesty, but due to his very particular way of solving problems, he is regularly berated by his superior, Major Malagón (Wolf Ruvinskis). While on duty, Bravo meets a group of prostitutes, among them Claudia Loza "La clarines" (Ana Bertha Lepe) and Guadalupe "La Pingüis" (Valeria Pani). Bravo and his partner on the force (Julio Alejandro Lobato) investigate a gang of drug traffickers led by "El Johnny" (Ramón Menéndez), who exploits the prostitutes.